To focus on sustainable development of economic prosperity, collective well being, Environmental guardianship, strong ascendancy and honesty; thus providing the strong foundation under which our organization operates. Aasthvinayak, envisages its plans to enter into the Power generation space and build efficient Thermal & Renewable Energy Power plants..


  • To continue contributing to the development of Communities with which we are associated.

  • To expand, diversify and explore new arenas in Iron- Ore, Coal and other industries through sustainable development, energy (conventional as well as green)

  • To expand its present network and to enter into business contract with other countries in Iron ore, Bauxite & Cotton which is of great economic importance as a raw material for cloth.

  • To establish large scale in Supply chain co-ordinations with mining operations in conjunction with an open access port and road network crucial for the delivery of iron ore to the markets of the India as well worldwide.

  • Our vision is to be a value-adding global company, cherished by our customers and the community in which we work.