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Aasthvinayak is one of the first bulk importers of Iron Ore in bulk vessel as a Trader in India. Aasthvinayak has imported about a bulk of iron ore in India and were the 1st to start operations in Western India.

We were the first to procure Iron ore from Various places like Jabalpur in MP and also from Rajasthan and ship them to various destinations from Kandla Port. We are the first company to export Iron ore from India too.

Iron ore is the chief raw material for steel industry. India is one of largest producers of iron ore with a massive reserve of iron ore exceeding in 20 billion tons. India is the third largest iron ore supplier to China. Export of iron ore from India constitutes one of the top 10 items of export.

Aasthvinayak by virtue of its background in mineral industry exposure has managed to shape a position in this industry in a short span. Aasthvinayak’s professional approach, guided by a energetic management, its concentration on quality and detail has aided the company to gain repeat customers ranging from few of the largest iron ore traders in China and the biggest of steel mills purchasing iron ore directly from India.

In addition, Aasthvinayak also has an outstanding logistics support team capable of moving iron ore cargo from the mines to various ports by appropriate means of transport in a competitive time limit. With aim to build upon our success, we have established stockyards at most important ports. Our intention is to be able to perform shipments all through the year, regardless of the monsoon. The logistics dept is headed by experienced shipping industry executives who ensure quick vessel turnaround. This is extremely crucial in a small margin industry and is very relevant to the spot market operations where a day can make the difference between profit and loss. Also for those Buyers interested in purchasing on FOB basis, this would be a valuable boon.

Our main motto is to provide customers with better quality and competitive prices. Iron Ore Division is having its own laboratory for keeping a keen track on the quality of the cargo with well trained QC staff. From procurement point till discharge port, at every level cargo will pass through quality checks, this is one of the reason for the success of the Division.

The company also deals in Manganese, Chrome Ore, Nickel Ore, Coal and Bauxite. We import Chrome Ore and Manganese from various parts of the world like Philippines, Oman & remote fields in South Africa and are directly given to various suppliers across the world without getting them to India.


Aasthvinayak is the product sales agent and material supplier for major steel Companies in India too, with good market credit, extensive business channels and solid customer foundation. Main trading products include: Aasthvinayak

  • Trading Company: iron ore pellet, and exports of bauxite.
  • Aasthvinayak Raw Materials Company : has capability of dealing on large scale in chrome ore, nickel ore, manganese ore, Ferro alloy, pig iron HBI,DRI, scrap, coke, coal.
  • Aasthvinayak Iron & Steel Company: steel products and steel billets.
  • Aasthvinayak Logistic & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.: Agriculture & Processed foods like, Cotton, Rice, Groundnut and textile related products and commodities.